Thursday, April 2, 2015

Learn to Print with Thermofax Screens at Artistic Artifacts

PG Fiber2 Art will again be teaching our "how-to" printing class at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria on April 25.  If you've been wanting to learn to print, or wonder how to incorporate your own unique imagery in your fiber art, this is the class for you! 
April 25: Printing with Thermofax Screens with PG Fiber2Art
This is the description from AA's website:
Have you ever wanted to incorporate printed images in your quilts or mixed media projects? One method of printing is with thermofax screens (sometimes called silk screens). Learn thermofax screen printing techniques by practicing on muslin and other hand-dyed/textured fabrics you bring using the exquisitely detailed screens provided by the instructors and a variety of paints.
You’ll learn how to:
  • use images as focal point or create all over designs
  • layer images and techniques
  • print with discharge products and thickened dye
  • use resist techniques and other products with screen printing
  • prepare a screen for printing by binding it with duct tape
Class time will also include discussions on using your own unique images (photos and drawings) to create screens, what types of images make good screens, and resources to have screens made as well as sources for purchasing.

You’ll leave class with your own taped screen to use as often as you wish, and as much printed fabric as you can complete in class!

Additional details and registration info are available here.  Below are some photos of previous student work.  You can also see lots of printing examples here on our blog - if you search the blog for "screen printing", it will bring up all the posts with that tag.  Disclaimer - there will be a lot, because that's what we do!  You're also welcome to join us if you've taken the class previously, but would like some "open studio" printing time.  Hope you will join us on April 25!  

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