Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Creative Arts Business Summit

Last week Sue and Elizabeth spent 3 energizing days at a Creative Arts Business Summit put on by the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals (ICAP).  We went into it at a crossroads with our screen printing business because of some upcoming supply issues, and were rejuvenated enough to commit to going forward with our business in whatever format it takes.  We hope that will be continuing with screen printing, but have a few things to work out.

Probably the best thing about the 3 days was meeting and getting to know other creative professionals, and learning that even those who have been in business for a while still benefit from the knowledge and interaction with others in similar fields.  The group included quilt pattern designers, a bag designer, shop owners, long arm quilters, some who provide a die cutting service, online shop owners, teachers, authors, even a quilters' retreat house owner. It was great to learn from the experiences of all these people and refocus on the things important to moving forward.
The conference room we were in at the Washington Dulles Hilton alternated between comfortable and icy cold.  On the 3rd day in was unseasonably cold outside, and consequently very cold inside, so much so that people wrapped themselves up in some quilts that were on display.
A special treat was the "swag" bag we received, packed with goodies from conference participants and sponsors.  Checker Distributors provided a goodie bag as well, with a 12" square ruler, pattern, collapsible trash holder,and microfiber screen cloth.

If you are a creative arts professional, consider attending CABS next year.  I  think you will find the connections and support invaluable.

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