Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Passion Play - Piece 7

The last piece in this quilt is the orange-ish horizontal piece that kind of ties it all together. 
Once again, this is a piece that has several processes on it.  It was a pale orange-pink color after dyeing with some mostly spent dye that mostly washed out.  So I used it for a breakdown screen printing experiment (another type of printing process), and that too mostly washed out!  So last summer during quilt camp, when we made the crackle screens (there are actually 2 versions), I printed on this piece with thickened dye through the crackle screen.  Thankfully, this time the dye was fresh enough that it didn't wash out and you see the result above.  I cut a strip of this to place across the quilt and added some dyed cotton lace and a piece of yarn at the top for a perch for the little bird.

I had to remove the binding from the lace to flatten it out, and after it was machine stitched to the quilt, I embellished it further with hand stitching, using the holes in the lace as a guide.  Click on the photo for a closer look.

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