Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Turn Your Photos into Thermofax Screens!

We are again teaching this class at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria on Saturday, January 28, from 10 AM -1 PM.  We will show you how to use Photoshop Elements to convert a photo to a black and white image suitable for creating a thermofax screen that can then be used in your art quilts or mixed media work.  You will practice with some of our images first and then work with your own to see how you can incorporate your own unique imagery into your work without any concerns about copyright.  We'll also give you tips for taking photographs to make this process easier.  Soon you'll be looking at things with screen images in mind.  If you're in driving distance of the metropolitan DC area, come join us on Jan.28!

Note: While your own laptop and copy of Photoshop Elements are most beneficial, you can share one of our laptops if you don't have one, and download a trial copy of Photoshop Elements to try for 30 days before purchasing. Send us an email at pgfiber2art  @ gmail dot com.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thoroughly Modern Postcards

November was the month for the second postcard swap of 2016 with Sue's VCQ swap group. Our theme was "Thoroughly Modern". Since everyone in the group has now received their cards, it's safe to share pictures.

Sue has been working on a neutral quilt project, and decided to use some of the scraps to create her. cards.  She decided that improvisational piecing would be the way to go.
Rather than keeping them totally neutral, she decided to add a solid pop of color. Two of the cards got a red accent.
Two got a blue accent.
And two got a yellow accent.
Above are a few other interpretations of the theme.