Saturday, March 7, 2015

Passion Play - Piece 2

I'm working from right to left, so piece 2 is the skinny orange strip.  This one started out as a PFD (prepared for dyeing) piece that was first dyed orange.  Then to make it more interesting, I did some discharge with a thermofax screen  by Lynn Krawczyk of Smudged Textiles Studio.  First, a reminder of the finished piece.
Below is the orange after the discharge has been applied, first with just a corner ironed (heat from the iron activates the DeColourant to remove the color), and second, with the whole piece discharged.

I was creating this piece to use in a table runner for last summer's row by row shop hop, and wanted to incorporate some teal blue to work with the other fabrics I was using.  So I used our bubbles Thermofax screen to print over top of the discharge.  I didn't realize until I heat set the paint that I had used a transparent paint.  So when I ironed it, it receded into the background and the discharge appears to be on top.  No matter.  It works either way!
For the Passion Play piece I used just a strip of what I had left over.

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