Friday, March 20, 2015

Passion Play - Little Birdie

The little birdie was the last addition to this quilt, and it too, is screen printed.  (It is also available in our Etsy shop.) I printed it in a few different colors but of course the black looked best.  It is printed on a color catcher and made into a fusible applique.  Not familiar with color catchers?  They are a laundry product made by Shout that you add to the washing machine to absorb excess dye.  They are intended for use with clothing that you think might bleed color, but are also great for use when washing fabric that's been dyed.  I throw one in the washer every time I wash fabric that I've dyed, and I've got a stack of a variety of colors.  They are great for printing on, and also for fusible applique since the edges won't fray - kind of like interfacing but not too stiff.
After fusing wonder under to the back of the bird, I cut it out pretty close to the outline and then fused it onto the quilt.  It is also edge stitched around the outside of the bird.  And since he looked like he needed something in his beak, I added the beads and disk that I found in an embellishment pack in my stash.  Here's a close up.
And there you have it - the anatomy of a quilt!

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