Thursday, March 19, 2015


In search of Roy G Biv, it is time this month for YELLOW pictures. We are linking to Julie Booth's blog and her friend Jennifer Coyne Qudeen in finding the colors of the rainbow.  Check out their blogs for more sunny yellows. This month's finds are courtesy of Elizabeth.
The Peepsmobile at National Harbor outside Washington, DC.
A screen printed scarf.
A lovely yellow rose.
A building in Cartagena, Columbia.
 Pale yellow fabric.
And of course a sunflower.


  1. Enjoyed your yellows love the printed fabrics & the building!

  2. Love that Peeps Car! Thanks for playing!

  3. Good to find your blog and thanks for posting on mine. You have a wonderful range of yellows - that Peepsmobile made me smile.

  4. So many different yellows... I just love the scarf, and that building in Cartagena is such a stunning shade - it must look as though it's constantly warmed with sunshine, no matter the color of the sky!