Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Passion Play - Piece 4

On to the 4th piece of fabric in this quilt (moving right to left).  This is another piece that was a not-so-great hand-dyed piece.  It looked like this.
Kind of splotchy, not particularly pretty.  So to add another layer of texture I screen printed with an image of a mustard plant flower, with images overlapping, to create an all-over texture.  When I did this particular piece, I think I was actually doing a clean-up technique, using a damp sponge to use up the paint left on the screen before washing.  So this was REALLY a salvage piece!  Here it is after printing.
And then I cut off a strip to use in Passion Play. It gives a subtle pattern and pop of color to the quilt.  So no matter how ugly you think a piece of fabric is, you can always find a place for it, especially by overprinting and cutting it up!

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