Sunday, March 15, 2015

Passion Play - Piece 6

Piece 6 in the Passion Play mini quilt is the one at the bottom.  This is another screen printed piece, but very simple. 
This started out like many of the others, a piece of green hand dye that needed some help.  It was printed with a screen called "crackle" that is available in our Etsy shop.  This is the black & white version the screen is made from.
A few quilt camps ago, we experimented with different types of resists like flour paste, rice cereal, oatmeal etc.  This screen is made from one of those resists done on a piece of fabric.  It was a whole lot easier to take a photo of the result and make it into a screen, than to repeat the actual resist process!  The piece below is an example of one created with a resist.  I'm not sure that its the exact piece that the screen was made from, but it is very similar.

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