Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Julie Booth's Scavenger Hunt

Julie Booth, author of Fabric Printing at Home, is sponsoring a scavenger hunt on her blog and today is the first day.  She has 12 days of printing challenges in store based on her book and using found objects from around the house.  Read more about it here.

Challenge #1: Find items in your kitchen that will print circle designs.
Please post your Circle Prints on Friday, May 1st. Leave a comment on my blog post on that day with a link to your prints.

So I took a look around my kitchen and these are the things I found that I thought I might be able to print with.  Of course, there are lots of other circle items like glassware and plates that I choose not to put paint on!  But those in the picture are ones I'm willing to sacrifice.
The metal skewer is there because it has a round end - you can see some of its shadow.  (I didn't realize it was out of the frame when I took the picture.)  This gives me 2 days to do some printing and see what I come up with.  Stay tuned!

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