Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Printing Enthusiasts!

In our thermofax screen printing class yesterday at Artistic Artifacts we created a new group of printing enthusiasts. One student does painting on silk, another works mainly with mixed media, others were more in the fabric/quilting arena, but all found ways that this "addictive" technique can be incorporated into their creative process.   We had plenty of time for printing, experimenting with discharge and thickened dye, and all produced successful prints. What an enjoyable way to spend the day!

We started out with just muslin and tried various paints to get the feel for printing. Then our students pulled out other fabrics they brought and got busy with their own choices of colors and images.
 Betty had this beautiful dyed (or painted?) piece that she printed with our bird on a branch screen.
 Another birds in a tree screen printed on a commercial "hand dye".
Jan had this interesting fabric from another workshop that she used the sewer cover screen on with a similar paint color to add another layer (the partial squares are the screen print).
Judy used the circles screen to add more interest to a commercial print.
Elizabeth demonstrates how to tape a screen. We also demonstrated how to use discharge and thickened dye.
 This is one of Debbie's discharge pieces.
 Betty produced this lovely subtle discharge on her piece.
 Nancy's discharge on a commercial batik produced this lovely pale pink image of the birds hiding among the leaves of the print.
Kate is very happy with this piece of a yellow to orange gradation on which she printed a seed pod in orange on the yellow to orange section and a butterfly on the orange to red section.  Can't wait to see what she does with it!   Most of these screens are available in our Etsy shop; if you don't see them there, feel free to contact us via email through our profile.


  1. Loved the class! I bought some stencils in the shop after class and I have ordered some fabric paints. I can't wait to do more! Thanks for such great instruction and wonderful stencils to work with!

  2. Anne - so glad you enjoyed the class! We would love to see pictures of what you print with your screens!