Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Business Testimonials

In business, testimonials are important.  People are quick to express themselves when something goes wrong but not as quick to praise when something is right.  As Etsy sellers, our customers have the chance to rate our service and we are happy to report that our customers rate us highly.  If something goes wrong, we try to address it promptly and fairly.

Recently, Elizabeth used another Etsy service to order a batch of colorful zippers for a project.  Her first order went without a hitch and she was a satisfied customer who soon needed to place another order.  (More on why she needed almost 100 zippers later!)  A day after receiving notice that the product had shipped, she realized that she had not closely checked the shipping address choices in her Etsy account and that the product was finding its way to the summer cottage in New Hampshire.  Not only does that house not get postal delivery, but the road is not open due to snow and ice.  She wrote to the shipper explaining the product would probably be returned and when it was, to please charge her for reshipping and send along to Virginia.
ZipIt Zipper Supply quickly wrote back that mistakes happen and that they would be sending out a new shipment immediately to the Virginia address so Elizabeth didn’t have to wait on the zippers.  When the other package returned they would place the zippers back in their inventory and not to worry about the shipping charge.  That, friends, is great customer service.  The new zipper shipment arrived in two days and came with a gift of a fortune telling fish and a zipper pull.  How cute is that?

 If you ever are in need of zippers we highly recommend ZipIt Zipper Supply at www.zipit.etsy.com.  

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