Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Wicked Field Trip!

Friday was a second day of field tripping.  Our first stop was Richmond at All Brands Sew & Vac.  Elizabeth traded in her "Baby" Ellisimo BabyLock machine for the new "Destiny" and it was time to pick it up and get her first lesson.  Here she is with Avery as they were finishing up.
From Richmond we headed northwest to Orange, VA, to the Arts Center to see the "Wicked" Cherrywood Challenge exhibit.  In 2014, quilters were challenged to create a quilt based on the theme "Wicked" and use only lime and black Cherrywood fabric.  If you are not familiar with Cherrywood fabric, it is 100% hand dyed suede-look cotton.  Visit their website to check it out.  Interpretations include influences from the Broadway musical, the Wizard of Oz, and personal interpretations of the word.  There are some amazing (actually, many amazing) quilts in this collection, and seeing all 114 together makes a very strong visual impact.  Some that were selected to tour with a traveling production of "Wicked" were represented by a copy of the quilt printed on cotton, so that the display was complete.  The ingenuity of these quilts is spectacular, and so is the workmanship.  The quilting is really phenomenal.  The exhibit will be in the Morin Gallery at The Arts Center in Orange through April 12 - not a long time, so if you have a chance, go see it!

Above is Lesly-Claire Greenberg standing next to her quilt on the lower right.  She gave us permission to share this photo.  As you can see here and on the postcard above, the green and black color palette is very striking.  Imagine 114 of them in one room!

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