Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Along the Spice Road to China - Finishing Up

Machine quilting is not my forte so I knew it had to be fairly simple; besides, the deadline was really looming.  At the same time, school was ending and I was trying to get ready to go to New Hampshire for the summer.  The fabrics to resemble the great wall were stitched around the blocks, the red fabrics were stitched with a curvy up and down motion while the sky was stitched with a wave to resemble clouds.  On the photo itself I followed some of the lines of the trees, the path and the wall itself.  Of course, it needed a label, a binding  and a sleeve too.  The first two were fused and the sleeve was sewn on the back.  Into the mail it went on the last day possible!

Since I was in such a hurry to finish, I neglected to take a final photo.  But here is a picture from the debut of the exhibit in Savannah, courtesy of Kathy Sevebeck.  What a thrill to see photos of our quilts hanging in a show!  I can't wait till August to see them in person at the Mancuso show in Manchester, NH.

And here is a closer full view, courtesy of our curators Paula Golden and Ann Reardon.  Kudos to them for the great job they did with this exhibit.  You can see photos of all the quilts on Paula's website.  Thanks for following along on this journey!

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