Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Not Everything in NH is Quilting

Believe it or not, not everything in New Hampshire is quilt camp.  As the season begins this year, Sue is still in Virginia and Elizabeth is in New Hampshire with her mother, Barbara, along with her husband, Bob and two long-time friends.  Everyone is delighted that the friends decided to come visit and we are taking some time to show off the Lakes Region and the two guys are working on building a new gazebo attached to the front deck, something Barbara has been wanting for a long time.  Here is the progress after three days of building.

We took some time to visit a local attraction known as Castle in the Clouds.  Lunch on the patio here is a favorite because of the spectacular view.  
 Also on the castle grounds is a pond with some of the biggest rainbow trout imaginable.  They get so big from tourists giving them food all summer!

 Of course, we like to take some time to look at our own view too.  This is from our community dock looking up towards the Ossipee Mountains where Castle in the Clouds is located. 

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