Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Craft Shop

Just a few doors down the street in Milford from the Beary Patches shop was another shop called Craft Show.  When Sue spotted all the colorful yard art she made a quick turn into a parking spot to check out the shop.

There was everything from yard art as you see in these photos, to clothing, jewelry, pottery and other gift items inside. After some browsing inside, Sue took a quick tour through the garden.

There were many delightful items, including the motorcycle weather vane and green fish pictured.  There were also flying pigs, and frogs and various other creatures.
What Sue settled on to take home was this little cardinal piece of yard art - after all, the cardinal is the state bird of Virginia!


  1. OK, we've been to great shops and I love the yard art. But I am getting hungry. Where do we stop for lunch before we continue on to the next great shop?

    1. Karen, Glad you are enjoying the road trips! Check today's post for a lunch stop - hope it does the trick!