Monday, July 13, 2015

Beary Patches Quilt Shop

After a 2 hour drive northeast through PA, Sue arrived in Milford.  For the last 30 miles or so she was following a pick-up truck, and passing through one town, she realized that the license plate of the pick-up was also Virginia.  Looking a little closer, the plate frame identified the dealer as Ted Britt Ford, a dealership in Northern Virginia.  How random that she would be following a truck in PA from the same area of Virginia!
This was route 209, a scenic route that follows the Delaware River along the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border through the Delaware Water Gap Recreational Area.  There are several waterfalls in this area, Bushkill Falls and Dingman's Falls are two.   Of course, there's nothing but trees visible from the road, but if you're ever visiting PA and have time for sightseeing, this is an area you might want to check out.  I remember going to see the falls as a child.

The route ends in the town of Milford, where Beary Patches quilt shop is located.  It was easy to spot, right along the main road as I entered the town.  I was especially happy to get there in time to get their shop hop row - it is very pretty, and very different from a lot of the other row designs.
As it was only about an hour before closing time, there were no other customers in this small shop, except for one woman in the classroom upstairs.  The owner, Joyce, and I had a pleasant conversation.
Please forgive the poor lighting in the photograph above, you can get a better look at the row by going to the PA Row By Row Facebook page.

This shop has already had a winner bring in her completed quilt.  It was a woman who lives in West Virginia but spends her summers with her daughter in Milford.  On her trip north she had collected rows in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York and included them in her finished quilt.  It is on display in the shop.
Here is another view of the shop interior.  It is small but charming, mostly traditional fabrics.
I felt fortunate to be able to purchase a kit, as she told me that she had only 15 left to last till the end of the shop hop!  At least, only 15 with the original fabric she chose.  There is no more of that fabric available, so she is having to substitute different fabrics in new kits that she makes.  She kindly gave me recommendations for places to eat and directions to my hotel. 
Definitely a worthwhile stop!

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog and feel a little like I am experiencing this trip vicariously. What could be better on a summer day than meandering the winding roads leading to "bakeries" of fabric. Add a cup of coffee and it is perfect.