Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Maine Quilts (and 2 more shops)

After enjoying the views from Mount Battie, we continued on our way to Augusta for the MAINE  QUILTS show, but of course, there were two more shops to stop at along the way.  Our first quilty stop of the day was in Chelsea at Mystic Maine Quilts.  Once again the GPS took us slightly off track but when it tells you that you are at your destination and you are looking at a thick woods with a large river next to it and no building in sight, you know you are NOT at a quilt store!  After another easy U-turn we were headed in the correct direction and came to this brightly lit and pleasant shop.  
Bolt fabrics, books and all notions were a whopping 40% off and fat quarters were buy 10 get 5 more free.  Who can resist bargains like that?   We had looked up pictures of the rows before leaving New Hampshire and decided our shops based on the row.  The fish row at this shop was the reason to stop; it was high on our priority list of rows we wanted to have.  They also already have a shop winner and it was made by the same man who won last year as well.

Just a hop over the border from Chelsea, Maine, we were in the capital city of Augusta.  Located not far from our ultimate destination of the MAINE QUILTS show at the civic center, Cozy Cottage recently moved into their new location and are adding new fabrics and notions each day.  They also provide alteration and upholstery services.  
We picked this shop because of the row.  Puffins!  Puffins are native to Maine and once were almost totally eliminated from the state as people were coveting the feathers and eating the eggs.  In 1973, The Puffin Project was established to bring them back and we are happy to say that it has been successful.   More about puffins can be found at:
This is not a great picture of the row because of the lighting, but it is very cute.  You can find a better photo on the Maine Row by Row Facebook page.

From there we continued on to the Augusta Civic Center for MAINE QUILTS, which is their state quilt show. It was a nice show with the quilts in the center and vendors around the perimeter of the space.  Our decision to attend this show was made at the invitation of our friend Terri, who was one of the vendors (Purple Moose Designs) and lives just down the road in NH.  There was a special exhibit of Puffin quilts, and many other lovely quilts to see.  We enjoyed our time at the show, but by the end of the day, were shopped out!

Above is Summer Oaks  (18x21) by Jim Vander Noot, an original design that was part of the Coastal Quilters Four Seasons challenge.
In the Modern Quilts group was Little Bouys by Kathryn Simel of Cushing, ME. (64x84) It is an original design; machine pieced and professionally machine quilted by Stacey Bendure.
The wall hanging group included this delightful quilt, Out on a Limb by Kathy Boudreau of Gardiner.  (33x18)  The background is made of selvages and the birds are machine appliqued.  It is an original design.
Also in the wall hanging group was The Flower Garden by Lori Fasulo of Portland. (25x34)  It is based on a photo of her garden using raw edge applique.
After a jam-packed, fun-filled two days of shop hopping and quilt show, we were ready to head back to New Hampshire.

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