Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Ice Dyeing and New Thermofax Screens

While Elizabeth was busy with her ice dye experiment, Sue did some ice dyeing of her own.  She brought along some previously dyed pieces for over-dyeing, so decided to see if she could improve them with ice dyeing.  One piece was an uninspiring light green, and the other was a pretty ugly brown with some patches of dark blue.  Of course, she forgot to take "before" pictures.
 Here's the set up of the two trays, with the soda ashed fabric under the ice.
 The pale green fabric got azure blue and kingfisher blue dye.
 The ugly brown got 3 colors - black cherry, deep purple and elephant grey.
The "ugly brown" above is greatly improved.  Most of the brown is transformed, and the odd blue streaks even add a bit of interest.
Likewise, the formerly green piece, now blue-green, has a really lovely texture from the ice.  She is much happier with these two transformed pieces.

In addition, we have made 3 new thermofax screens which will be added to the shop soon - a 5-leaf stem, an ancient pine,  and a berry branch.

Come back every day for more quilt camp adventures in surface design!

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  1. Today it is 85 degrees (yuck) and raining (yeah). With the heat here everyday seems like a good day to stay indoors and read. But the rain makes me feel energized. In our new home we will have to set up an area where we can play with ice/snow dyeing. I think this is something my husband will enjoy. We will also be checking which thermofax screens. Of the new ones, my favorites are the ancient pine and the berry branch.