Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Working in a Series with Jane Davila

Elizabeth was excited to see Jane Davila amongst the teachers offering classes connected with the Quilters Unlimited Show at the Dulles Expo Center.  What a great opportunity to take a class from a nationally known teacher and so close to home!  All the classes sounded wonderful but the Thursday option “Working in a Series” was the one Elizabeth attended.  Here is her take away from the class.

Jane is a wonderful teacher who is extremely generous with her assistance and her knowledge.  She started with a short talk about what working in a series means to her and showed samples of some series quilts she has done.  All were inspiring.

During the day, Jane gave two more short talks/demos.  One was about using Distress Inks to tone down areas of a piece of fabric or the entire piece and the other was about borders and finishing ideas.  She also mentioned using gel medium to create a fusible piece if you forget and cut the fabric out prior to applying your fusible.  That tip alone was worth the cost of admission!  But the other strong message was to get good, you have to let go of the idea that you are meticulously creating a perfect piece of work and instead should work on creating quantity of work.  Yes, some will flop but only by creating quantity will you get better.  Let’s face it, quantity is just another word for practice!  A great message to hear from someone whose work I admire.

Next post, photos of Elizabeth's series from the class.

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