Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Screens and Row By Row

Shop news!  We have added 4 new screens to the shop for summer - 2 fish and 2 shells.
All four are small screens; fish 1 is 4.5"x2"; fish 2 is 3.5"x3"; the shell is 3"x2.5"; the nautilus is 3"x2.75".  You can find more info and print photos in the Etsy shop.

The impetus for this group of screens came from the 2015 Row By Row shop hop that begins June 21.  If you were following us last year, you might remember that our local shop, Artistic Artifacts, used one of our screens (art definition) as part of their row design in 2014.  You can read more about last year's row beginning with this post.

This year, the Row By Row theme is H20 (water), so Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts (AA) decided to use fish in her row.  Again as last year, Judy has planned several variations of her row.  So far, she has created a row using batik fish, which are cut from panels that she imports from Indonesia.  The fish centers are surrounded with wonky log cabins.  You can read all about her row here; it looks like this.
She asked us to design a fish screen (or screens) as a second option for her row.   So we created 2 different fish images and also chose batiks from her shop for the log cabin blocks.  Sue had blue batiks and Elizabeth had green.  Here are the rows we  created.

Since Judy was planning to put white fabric in her kits for the printed centers, Sue decided to make another row using white for the fish blocks.
In this row, Sue printed the white with a crackle screen first, and then printed the fish over top.

And yet another option, here is a row Elizabeth made using the shells.

In upcoming posts we'll share some of our processes.  Check out the Row by Row Experience website, and click on Start Here for links to all 50 states and the participating shops.  We hope you'll play along and collect the free patterns available in this fun summer shop hop!

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