Thursday, June 25, 2015

Seashells, Cascade, and "Take Three"

Elizabeth felt her round 2 row was a big improvement, but thought she might do even better with a third try.  Along with the fish screens, we had also created two sea shell screens.  So she decided to do a third row with those images.

Elizabeth writes:
I had some hand dyed fabric that I used with the crackle screen and Cascade Dishwasher detergent to discharge (the Cascade includes a mild bleach) the color from the blue fabric. After washing the fabric with Dawn and Clorox 2 to stop the bleaching I screened the two seashells on top in white.  Some batiks from my stash were used to go around the blocks.  I wanted to use four different fabrics but after making two blocks realized that there was not really enough space in the 9.5 blocks for that many rounds of fabric so in the last two blocks I only used 3 fabrics. I'm happy with how this row turned out.
Below is a close-up.
Lastly, some REALLY Good Advice from the tutorial that I didn’t follow:    
  • Just remember, don't ever cut a log so severely that any part of it becomes less than .5" in will risk losing that part of your log in the seam allowance.
No more time for playing around right now, it's time to wrap up the school year, pack up Super Baby, and head north for the summer.  Quilt camp - here I come!

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