Friday, June 5, 2015

May UFO Busting

It's time to link up with Vicki Welsh of Field Trips in Fiber again for May's UFO Busting report  in our quest to get some UFO's out of the studio.  Click on her badge on the sidebar for a direct link to her post about it.  At the end of every month Sue is doing a post about what she's accomplished that month, and linking it to Vicki's.

Sue's report:
I do have to say I feel like I am accomplishing things, because every month I have finishes.  They just aren't the things in the UFO pile!  It seems that something new crops up every month, so most of what I am doing is new start projects.  But they are small so I am also able to finish them.  I'm finding it good practice and a help in defining my "style".  As noted in a post several days ago about a class Elizabeth took with Jane Davila, it's not quality, but quantity (practice) that helps your work improve.  So, my report for May.

For my end of month count, this is where things stand:
  • Projects in progress May 1 - 8
  • Projects completed -3
  • New projects started -2
  • UFO's trashed - 0
  • Projects in progress May 31 -7
The new starts/finishes are:
May Flowers, made for a local art quilt group challenge.  More in this blog post.
A commission piece I made for a friend to give as a gift. More about this in a blog post here.
And the picture above is a sneak peak of a piece that was accepted for a Quilting Arts magazine reader's challenge, so no more on this one till fall.

That's it for May.  At least I am down to one less project in progress.  But coming up in June - 3 new start/finish deadlines!

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  1. What lovely art work. I particularly like your sneak peak, Sue.