Monday, June 22, 2015

When Wonky Goes Wacky and Isn’t What You Wanted.

Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts gave Sue and Elizabeth each a selection of some beautiful batik fabrics to create our versions of the store’s Row by Row Experience block for this year’s shop hop.
Elizabeth decided to use the crackle screen on the lightest green batik to give some background texture using a Jacquard fabric paint called Lumiere in the color Citrine. 
Then she added another thermofax layer of the fish screens with transparent hunter green and navy paints from ProChem.
Judy had posted on her blog saying how the shop’s row was going to be a wonky block with a tutorial included.  Well, Elizabeth just glanced at the tutorial and went off to make her blocks.  Unlike Sue, she is not very precise with her piecing and quilting, but still couldn't believe she ended up with some very “un”wonky blocks!  They are really wacky blocks!  After squaring them up to 9.5 inches she sewed them in a horizontal line and really did not like them, so unstitched them and resewed them vertically which is slightly better.
But still not a row she was willing to share with the shop as a sample.  In the next post, see what round 2 of wonky piecing brings!

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