Saturday, June 27, 2015

"On the Road Again" Postcard Swap

Sue has been participating in a postcard swap with other members of VCQ (Virginia Consortium of Quilters) for quite a few years  - at least 7 or 8.  The group has dwindled, but the "die-hards" are still at it, choosing a theme and swapping cards twice a year.  The spring/early summer theme is "On the Road Again", appropriate for the summer travel season.
Sue knew she had a really busy June so her design had to be something that could be done quickly.  Since she knew she would be traveling to New Hampshire in July, and also visiting shops for the Row By Row shop hop, that seemed the perfect topic.  Starting with a Google map of the NH shops, she added some additional landmarks that she expects to be visiting and printed the map on inkjet fabric sheets. 

She was able to fit 3 copies of the map on one fabric sheet, but since the image wasn't quite as wide as the postcard, she filled the remaining space with this "road trip" ribbon that she had on hand.
The base of the card is fusible peltex, so the map print and ribbon are fused in place first, and then the ribbon was stitched on the inside edge.  After adding a backing, the edges were zigzagged.  Not a terribly artistic card this time around, but as Sue says, done is good!

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