Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Best of QuiltCon 2016

QuiltCon is the annual conference and show of the Modern Quilt Guild.  This special exhibit at Sew Expo featured the best of modern quilters today, and includes the 2016 Best of Show quilt.  The Modern Quilt Guild began as an online community and developed into in-person guilds in 2009.  Now there are over 170 guilds around the world.  You can find out more about them at themodernquiltguild.com.
Fossil by Nancy Purvis.  Category - Minimalist Design  The artist chose to focus on asymmetrical shapes and triangles.
Cut & Keep by Gina Pina  Category - Applique  The applique pieces are placed between the top and batting, and the dashed lines indicate "break in case of emergency" and use the pieces as desired.
My Brother's Jeans by Melissa Averinos  Category - Improvisation  This was the Best in Show quilt.  The denim used to make the crosses is from the maker's brother's work jeans; he committed suicide in 2009.  In the background are gold and white crosses, and the grid quilting echoes the crosses and reflects his occupation as a tile installer. (Note: the black line is the ribbon in front of the display, not part of the quilt.)
Echoes by Leanne Chahley  Category - Use of Negative Space
Release the Geese II by Sarah Bond (piecing) and Carol Heisler (quilting)  Category - Modern Traditionalism (Again, the black line is ribbon, not part of the quilt.)
Twisted Sisters  by a Group (too many to name)  Category - Group or Bee Quilt  This took 3rd place in the Group Quilts.  It is an interpretation of the game Twister.
Flounce by Melanie Tuazon  Category - Modern Traditonalism  It is inspired by the architecture of the Eastern hemisphere.

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