Friday, October 21, 2016

Library of Congress - National Parks Display

Yesterday Sue had an opportunity to visit the Library of Congress to see a display commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks that included the "Inspired By the National Parks" book. 
Donna Marcinkowski DeSoto, who is the author of the book, got a call a few weeks ago letting her know that the book was selected for a special display in the Science Reading Room, and inviting her and other local contributing artists for a brief tour of the library and official greeting.
We were taken on a brief tour of the original library building (above), the Thomas Jefferson building.  This building was completed in 1897 and is incredibly beautiful as you can see in the photos below.  First is a collage of parts of the interior.  The top two photos show ceilings, all inlaid mosaics, the bottom left shows the main entrance area and bottom right is the main reading room. 
There are also exquisite floors with many geometric patterns that are sure to catch the eye of any quilter.  Here are just 2 examples.

After our tour we traversed the underground tunnel to the Science Reading Room in the John Adams building where the display was located, passing one of these along the way.
This is one library that still has card catalogs! 
This is a shot of the Science Reading Room.  The display was at the back on a lovely marble table behind the stacks.
The book is at the center of the display, opened to one of the quilt pages.  We're told that they periodically change the page that it is open to.  In addition, they selected some of the pages of the book to reproduce and display behind and around the book.  In addition, there were a few other materials pertinent to the national parks.
Pictured above are Donna DeSoto and our LOC guide, Nanette Gibbs. After viewing the display, we were taken to a conference room where we met Constance Carter, a recently retired 50 year employee of the LOC.  We enjoyed Connie's homemade chocolate chip cookies and stories of her time at the Library.  Donna brought along a few of the quilts from the book to show.  From there it was off to the Madison building for lunch. 
Above is part of our group on the library steps before the tour.  It was a beautiful day and a great excuse to visit one of DC's famous landmarks, one of the advantages of living in the shadow of the nation's capital.

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