Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Back in the Studio

Sue finally took some time over the weekend to get back in the studio and try to finish up some projects.  One was this 12" square piece from last year.
The plan was to mount this one on canvas rather than finish as a traditional quilt with a sleeve.  But the outside edge needed something.  It took a while to find something she was satisfied with.
First was a 1/4" wide hand-dyed Tentakulum trim.
Next the multicolored yarn used to embellish the small squiggle was layered on top.  It didn't have enough "weight' on its own - that's why the 2 layers.
Finally it was mounted on a 12" black canvas.  Sue used sticky-backed Velcro to attach it to the canvas.  This is the first time she's used this method, hopefully it will hold up over time.

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