Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sew Expo

Sue and Elizabeth are regular attendees at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, attending the Fredericksburg edition that is held at the beginning of October.  This show used to be very close to us at the Dulles Expo Center but a few years ago moved to the Fredericksburg location, so it's a bit more of a trek than it used to be.  We thoroughly enjoy the quilt exhibits they have each year, which show a cross section of quilting in the U.S. from traditional to art to modern.  More on the exhibits in future posts.  Of course, the other major component is the vendors.
Maybe we have become a little jaded, or is it just that we have a lot of stuff and don't need more, but there wasn't a lot that was terribly exciting in the vendor aisles.  Often shows will have the same vendors as previous years, so you don't see a lot that's new or different from what you've seen before.
However, the one thing that WAS new and exciting for us this year was that a vendor friend of ours, Early Times Workshop, has begun to carry our Thermofax screens.
So it was fun for us to see our screens on display in her booth! They're on the right in the photo below.
And after further perusal Sue did find some fabric to buy (for a project her daughter wants to make), so she did not come home empty handed.  Either way, the inspiration of the exhibits and seeing our screens for sale made the trip worthwhile.

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