Monday, October 17, 2016

Babylock Destiny 2 Kickoff

A few weekends ago Sue and Elizabeth went to the Sew Expo as you know from previous posts, however Elizabeth only stayed for a few hours; long enough to see the exhibits and short enough to save her pocketbook.  Never fear, she was off to spend some big money at the Destiny 2 Kickoff at All Brands Service Center in Richmond, Virginia.
That’s right her “Baby” Babylock Destiny sewing machine is getting an upgrade and becoming a Destiny 2!   (The link will take you to a video about the Destiny 2.)  While the machine will stay the same, the software will have lots of new features and she is very excited about the quilting designs.  The machine has been unplugged since last January as life events kept her from sewing but now it is time to get that creative groove back on!

Here are some of the new things it will be able to do: new 9-1/2” by 9-1/2” frame, new large designs, new font, add stippling to any design or background fillers which look beautiful as quilting, upgrades to IQ Designer (new shapes, new stitches such as candlewicking), color sort your designs when adding or combining designs to minimize thread changes, text upgrades as well, see how things will look prior to stitching and combine bobbin work designs together.  It’s a lot of new fun and learning. 
She also won a door prize!  This adorable stuffed bear is by Embroider Buddy.   The stuffing is inside a zipped pocket and can be neatly taken out so the bear's tummy or back could be embroidered.  It is really cute and oh, so soft.  They also make snowmen, moose and cows, as well as other animals.  Stay tuned to see what Elizabeth does with this new upgrade.

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