Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sue's February Snow/Ice Dye

We had a President's Day snow this week and while Elizabeth planned ahead to take advantage of it, Sue didn't decide till the last minute to do more snow dyeing.  The snow had actually switched over to rain, but because of the crust of ice on top of the snow, she was able to gather enough of the snow/ice mixture for her 2 pans of dye.  What helped spur her on was the decision to over-dye the baby blue pieces from January.  Previously, these were intended for a challenge project, but a change in plan for that project meant these pieces could be made more appealing with more color (they all had a lot of white spaces).  So after a quick soda ash soak they were ready for more dye; sticking with the blue theme, Sue used azure blue and kingfisher blue sprinkled on top of the snow.
Though they look pretty much the same here, the pan on the right has only azure blue.  The pan on the left has a mixture of azure and kingfisher.
Here are the 2 pans after the snow/ice has melted.  You can see she used the whiffle balls again, this is the same piece that was dyed with them last month with the baby blue.  The piece on top on the right is a fat quarter folded.  There was a piece in the bottom of each pan as well.  Below are the pieces before rinsing.  They have since sat in a hot water soak for 24 hours, and are soaking a bit more.  After soaking some of the darker blue (especially the spots from the whiffle balls) is not as dark, but otherwise they look pretty much the same.  The final machine wash will have to wait a few more days till Sue gets a new washing machine installed!
The dye didn't quite penetrate to the center of the folded piece.
The whiffle ball piece; definitely an improvement over the original.
This piece was loosely accordion folded in the bottom of a pan.
This one was scrunched in the bottom of the azure/kingfisher pan.  Overall, Sue is satisfied with the results.


  1. Always great to see the process and the surprising beautiful results. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Always great to see the process and the surprising beautiful results. Thanks for sharing.