Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Dye Preliminary Results

All the snow on the dye pieces had melted this morning, so it was time to to rinse, soak and wash, but first, I had to see what they look like!  Keep in mind I was aiming for a light blue/white combination, something that might evoke the idea of crystals.  So while the results are not spectacular, I think there's plenty here that I can work with to create the vague vision in my head.  The first 4 have the baby blue dye.
This is the piece that had the whiffle balls in it.  Bursts of darker color, lots of white.
The pole wrapped piece.  This worked better than I expected.
This piece was loosely bunched with widely spaced rubber bands around it and was in the pan under the whiffle ball piece.  It worked pretty well; more random than the piece in the next photo which was in the same pan.
This one was accordion folded with rubber bands about every 3 inches.  This has a more defined pattern because of the folds.
This is the piece that was scrunched and has both azure blue and kingfisher blue dyes.  The pinkish/coral color in the bottom right corner is probably from the kingfisher blue.  In snow and ice dyeing, the dyes that are made up of multiple colors separate out which can create some really interesting fabrics.  This is an "extra" - not intended for the "crystal" project.  These pieces are all soaking, to be rinsed and washed later to get rid of the excess dye.  We'll see if they change much through the rinsing and washing.

Since I had one more piece that was soda ash soaked, I was inspired by Vicki Welsh's dyeing to try creating a mandala.  So I used a portion of the half yard to fold for the mandala, and put the rest of the piece in the bottom of the pan.  This has black cherry dye, which is one of those that is made up of other colors, so I'm hoping for some interesting patterning.  We'll see tomorrow.  I've never done a mandala before, so again, another experiment!

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  1. Most people would not look forward to that much snow, but I do. I know the many, many down sides. But how fun to be prepared for using it to dye fabric. It would be fun to have an impromptu sleep-over of a couple of friends and dye/dye/dye + have coffee and chocolate on hand. And of course a wood stove if the power goes out. And peanut butter and crackers, and of course water.