Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Snow Dye Results

Round 3 results are OK, not as striking as yesterday, as I didn't do any special folding.  The 2 pieces in the bottom of the pans were twirled in a sort of loose "rosette". The 2 on top of the pans were just scrunched.
This pan had parakeet (blue) and dragonfruit (pink) dye.  It's interesting to see how the 2 colors deposited on the fabric.
This pan had lime squeeze (green) and golden delicious (yellow).
 This is how they looked after the snow had melted.
Below are the 2 pieces that were on top of the screens on both pans.
 The parakeet dye is not even noticeable on the piece above.
The lime is barely visible on this piece.  Not a bad yellow though.
This is my favorite of the 4 pieces.  Apparently all the parakeet dripped through to this piece in the bottom of the pan.
This one has a mixture of the 2 colors.  I was heavy handed with the golden delicious because it is on the old side, and a light color, so thought it would be over powered by the green.  Not the case.   I haven't decided if I will do any more; none in process at the moment.  There is still snow though, so we'll see!

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  1. I like the comparison between the fabrics on top of the screen vs. the ones in the bottom of the pan. Also the addition of gold. I have to get supplies ready for the next snowfall here in SE Michigan. I know it is possible to do it with ice but I think it would be more fun with snow.