Thursday, February 4, 2016

"Ugly" Challenge

You may remember a few weeks ago when Sue posted about discharging some fabric that was part of an "ugly" challenge by her art quilt group.  She used 2 discharge products on the cat batik fabric that was her challenge piece.  Here are the discharged pieces next to the original fabric.
 Sue was surprised at the blue-grey result in the piece above, so decided to do a second piece using a brown colored deColourant below.
This didn't make a very noticeable difference, so she used the same screen to add some more texture with Jacquard Lumiere metallic paint.
Digging through the stash she found some other fabrics to use with it to create this collage.
This was OK, but she decided to also try to use the first piece that seemed more challenging color-wise.  That resulted in this piece.
Not bad, but it needed a focal point. 
Birds were added, and some discharged leaves in the background.  Here's a look at the quilting from the back side.
And both completed pieces below. Another great learning experience. 
 This collage doesn't have a name yet - do you have any ideas?
This one she calls "The Cat Bird Seat".  Which is your favorite?

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