Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Elizabeth's January Snow Dye

As most of you know, Northern Virginia, where Sue and Elizabeth live, had a big blizzard in January and schools were closed for 7 days.  Elizabeth anticipated the closing as a break from her job and prepared her fabric earlier in January as you can see on January 18th’s post.  Well, the night before the blizzard began she got a phone call that she was needed at her mother’s home on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  Luckily she got a seat on a plane before the snowflakes started.  So, she missed the storm and the snow dyeing to go where she did not have to shovel at all.  Barbara is better now and Elizabeth is back in Virginia.  The shoveled piles of snow in Virginia were so large that snow was still available when she returned.  It wasn’t the soft flakes of a fresh snowfall but rather a compacted dense mass, but since the fabric was ready, why not give it a try?

Here are her results: Sangria dye (from Dharma Trading Company) was placed on this piece which had softball sized whiffle balls wrapped inside the prepared fabric. You can see pictures of the prepared fabric in the January post.

It seems that Sangria has some dye particles that created brown in the areas where the fabric was stretched over the balls.  While the pinkish and blue areas are pretty the brown isn’t so appealing.  However, who knows what it could become when cut up or what someone else might see?

Below, a piece of Sangria and another piece where Wisteria (from Pro Chemical and Dye) was mixed in with a small bit of Sangria gave pleasing overall pieces of yardage.

Yesterday on President's Day we had more snow, so Elizabeth has more pieces in process.  Stay tuned for those results!

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