Monday, February 22, 2016

Caribelle Batik

Elizabeth and her family went on a Caribbean cruise this past holiday season.  They were on a small 600 passenger ship called the Ocean Princess.
One of the many stops was Saint Kitts and Nevis.  While there, Elizabeth, her mother Barbara, and sister Becky went on a tour to Romney Manor where a small batik factory called Caribelle Batik is located.  These batiks are definitely inspired by the Caribbean and thus have a different look than Indonesian or Indian batiks.  Here are some photos of the tour.

The artist was ill that day so they didn't see a live demonstration but the store had a nice display of all 12 steps in the process of waxing, dyeing, waxing again, dyeing again, etc.
 First 6 steps.
Last 6 steps.

The shop was full of lovely items handcrafted on the island using the batik fabrics produced by Caribelle.
Outside was a clothesline with pieces blowing in the wind of a sunny winter's day.  It was a beautiful sight but if we return we will take our own taxi so that we can linger longer.

Yardage and scraps for quilters.

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