Friday, February 5, 2016

UFO Busting - January Report

It's the first Friday of the month, so it should be the day for linking to Vicki Welsh's UFO Busting effort.  How did I (Sue) do in the month of January?  Not too great, I must admit.  Slow getting started, but I did start and finish two 12" square art quilts.  Those are the two I shared in yesterday's blog post about the "ugly" challenge.  I also finished hand stitching on a piece from a Laura Wasilowski class, but it still needs to be backed and quilted.  So I can't count that as finished just yet.  Here's a picture of it though, just to add a photo to this post!  Click on the photo for a larger image to get a better look at the stitching.  I'm also close to finishing hand stitching on another small piece, so maybe some "real" finishes will be coming up for the next post?

Starting UFO count: 11
New projects started this month: 2
Projects finished this month: 2
UFO count at end of month:11

Below is my listing of what I am counting on my UFO list, just as a reminder to me, so I don't have to go back to the January post each month to see what I included in the initial count.
The UFOs include 7 from 2015.  Five are projects needing to be quilted; one is a table runner and one is a wall hanging, but the other 3 are lap size or larger quilts, which is probably why I haven't tackled them yet.  One is the repair project I blogged about last year (30's bed quilt).  Two are piecing projects in progress.  Two are hand stitching projects, one of which is almost done, and then will need machine quilting.   The last is a 12" square that needs mounting on canvas - no excuse for that not being done, so hopefully I will get to report it finished next month.

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