Wednesday, February 4, 2015

UFO Busting

This is a little late, but better late than never, right?  We're linking up with Vicki Welsh of Field Trips in Fiber in her quest to get some UFO's out of the studio.  Click on her badge on the sidebar for a direct link to her post about it.  At the end of every month I'll do a post about what I've accomplished that month, and link it to Vicki's. 

I (Sue) started out January with 8 projects in process - at least, that's 8 that are the most recent that I want to finish!  Of course there are more, but they have been packed away in the archives so long that I won't pull them out just yet.  If I finish these 8 this year it will be a major accomplishment!

Three of these are tops that need to be quilted, 2 are piecing projects in progress, one is getting some hand embroidery, and the one with the cardinal is up next for finishing (I am in the process of machine quilting it).  There's one missing from the picture which is a table runner also ready for quilting.

So for Vicki's end of month count, this is where things stand:
  • Projects in progress Jan. 1 - 8
  • Projects completed - 2
  • New projects started - 2
  • UFO's trashed - 0
  • Projects in progress Jan. 31 - 8
As you can see, I didn't make any progress on the UFO's, but I did complete 2 new projects!  Both are 10 inch square quilts that I submitted to a reader's challenge which was due Feb. 1, so had to be finished.  And good news!  Both were selected as finalists!  (No pictures just yet.)  The piece that I plan to finish next is another I want to submit to a show with an entry deadline, so that will definitely get finished in February.  And I have another new one I need to do for March (just 12" square) so it looks like I'll at least come out even.  Hopefully I'll make progress on some of the others as well.

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