Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow Dyeing Results

And the results are in!  The pictures below show the range of results from the turkey red and kingfisher blue snow dyes.  The variations, of course are due to the underlying colors. The pink/red pieces have a bit more texture than the blue.

I did a second smaller batch of snow dyeing too, again over dyeing some pieces that needed improvement. One was a Pepto Bismol pink with lots of white space, and the other 2 were purples that were less than interesting.  This time I sprinkled the dye powder over the soda ash-soaked fabric and packed the snow on top.

After batching for a day, I did a couple of rinses and then an overnight soak in hot water with synthropol and then a hot water machine wash the next day.  I like the results of using the powdered dye better than liquid dye concentrate.  I think there's a lot more color separation and texture from using the powder with snow on top.  What do you think?

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