Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Dyeing, Round 2

We finally got our first "big" snow of the winter, so time for another round of snow dyeing.  Elizabeth and I are each doing our own batches by different methods in our separate houses, so today we'll start with Elizabeth's project.  In her January round of dyeing, she experimented with sprinkling the dry dye powder under the snow, instead of diluting it in a concentrated solution.  This time, she's experimenting with sprinkling the dye on top of the snow.  This happens to be a very dry powdery snow so extra snow was added to the pile and it was compressed by patting.
Uninspiring fabrics were "scrunched" on the screen with is suspended over a catch basin in the bathtub.
A five gallon bucket of snow was piled on top and patted down.
Dry dye powder (dark green) was liberally sprinkled on top of the snow mound.
Green is definitely made from yellow and blue.
You can see the individual grains of dye disperse their colors.

Check back tomorrow for more!

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