Friday, February 27, 2015

Duluth Trees with Frieda Anderson

We're in Hampton, Virginia for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and decided to take a class with Frieda Anderson to learn her method of fusible collage quilts.  The project we made is called Duluth Trees.  Frieda provides a kit of her hand dyed fabrics with gorgeous, saturated colors. Her method of assembly uses wonder under fusible (805) so we started off by fusing it to the back of our two largest pieces of fabric, both gradated from blue to green, one bright, one darker.  From there, we started cutting large rectangles that would be the background of the trees, and added some shorter pieces at either end.
We also learned how to make "stripey" units to add interest.
 Here's Elizabeth working on her background arrangement.
Above is Sue's background arrangement.
 This is a display of Frieda's many designs - aren't they spectacular?
This is one of her class samples of the project we were making.  This one is heavily quilted.  The other had very little visible quilting - either method is very effective.
Sue was adding the green triangles to the pine trees, Elizabeth's piece is the one at the bottom of the photo.
 Sue's piece is all fused and ready to be "sandwiched" with batting and backing.
 Thanks for a great class, Frieda!

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