Friday, February 6, 2015

Felted Bowl

Sometimes we work with fibers other than fabric.  Sue recently finished a knitting project, making a bowl from wool yarn that was knit, then felted by washing in hot water in the washer.  The edge of the bowl folds to the outside - if you turn it upside down, it looks like a pillbox hat! Perfect for holding some of those other yarns and fibers in your stash.

The pattern for this is in Noro knitting magazine, the Fall 2012 issue.  All the patterns are designed for use with Noro yarns.  I actually used a brand of yarn called Gina. 
Above is a picture showing 2 bowls - there are instructions for 3 different sizes.  I made the smallest size.
This is my work in progress.
 Above is the bowl after binding off and stitching the edges together. Below is the bowl after felting.  To felt it, it was washed in the washing machine in hot water along with a couple of old towels to provide some agitation.  I actually washed it twice because it was only partially felted after the first washing.  After washing it was left to air dry, with some plastic bags stuffed inside to hold the shape.

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