Monday, July 11, 2016

Perfect 10

A few weeks ago, Sue posted about the postcard swap she participates in, and the current swap that was going on.  At that point, 4 cards had been received.  Sue was still in the process of creating her cards.  The first idea that popped into her head on the "Perfect 10" theme was incorporating ten toes - toes in the sand, to be exact - so she decided to go with that.  The sand part was simple - selecting fabrics and free-form cutting to layer on the foundation of the card. 
Above are the fabric choices, card background below.
Each one was layered a little bit differently.  The foundation Sue uses is Peltex that is fusible on both sides, so these were first fused in place and then machine stitched along the raw edges.  The next part was creating and adding the toes.
She took a picture of her feet and after removing the background in Photoshop, applied a film grain filter to get the "sand" effect.  Then the image was printed on photo transfer fabric sheets.
After applying Mistyfuse to the back, they were individually cut out to apply to each card.
After the toes were fused on, Sue free-motion stitched around the edges.  Here's a finished card...
And the group of six that were mailed.
This was a fun, and fairly quick, card to create!

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