Friday, July 29, 2016

Do You Know What These Are?

Both Elizabeth and Sue have a collection of these - do you know what they are?
In fact, Elizabeth started her collection first, and then got Sue started on collecting them as well.  For years we've been seeking them out in antique shops and at quilt shows.  They are getting a little more scarce, but are still out there waiting to be discovered.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are made from different materials, and decorated in a variety of ways.
They can be ornate, with silver handles, or painted cheerful colors.
Some are blown glass, still others are molded plastic.
They can be decorated in a folk art style with flowers as above, or faces as below.
Have you figured it out?  Here's a big hint.
If you can read the advertising on the mushroom shaped one above, they are sock darners!  A relic of the past to be sure (we don't know many, or any, who darn socks any more), but its fascinating to see all the various shapes and designs for such an ordinary household object.

As we asked in the last post, what do you collect?  Tell us in the comments, or send us a picture if you'd like to share.  We look forward to seeing your collections!

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