Monday, August 1, 2016

Current Exhibits at VQM

Over the weekend Sue had an opportunity to visit the Virginia Quilt Museum in Harrisonburg, VA, for the opening of the "Inspired By the National Parks" exhibit and artists reception.  It was a double treat as she has TWO quilts currently on exhibit, the one in the National Parks group and the other in the "Along the Spice Route" exhibit still on display.  How cool is that??  All current exhibits run through September 10.
We started with the Spice Route quilts, since Sue's friend Kathy had not seen that exhibit in person yet.  The gift shop offered this reminder of the exhibit.
Here is Sue with her quilt, Mustard Seed.
Some other views of the display - the "log cabin" room.
And gallery walls; Elizabeth's quilt is in the corner on the left.
Moving on to the main floor, we found the a portion of the parks quilt exhibit in the room that normally houses Civil War quilts and artifacts.
The exhibit covers the walls floor to ceiling, windows too!
There is great impact seeing all these wonderful quilts blanketing the walls.
However it is a bit more challenging to see those near the bottom close up.
Sue's quilt was in this room, the Scarlet Globemallow flowers at the bottom representing Mesa Verde National Park.
The other half of the exhibit was in the upstairs hallway and small exhibit room on the 2nd floor.  The small room had the best lighting.  Of course the lighting in all the galleries is controlled so as not to damage the textiles.

It was a great day for an outing as we did some row by row shop hopping on the way to the museum.  More on that in another post.

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