Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Quilt Patch in Bedford, NH

Elizabeth’s family had a wedding this past Saturday in New Hampshire.  Sadly, Sue’s husband wasn’t well enough from his accident for the two of them to travel up and they were genuinely missed.  Since Elizabeth has been busy with all the preparations ever since she arrived in June, she hasn’t set up the garage studio or even plugged in a sewing machine.  That is quite different from our normal summer routine, especially with Sue not able to be here and with Barbara now gone.  Perhaps, the wedding was a good diversion from what had become a relaxing and creative routine and now next summer we can move on to a new schedule of creativity?
Shopping has even been put on the back burner, but yesterday when Elizabeth took her husband to the airport she snuck in a quick trip to a quilt shop not too far away.
The Quilt Patch in Bedford New Hampshire is a small store with a lot of inventory.  The clerk was quick to welcome Elizabeth as she walked in and was happy to point out the row hanging on the wall behind the cash register as well as provide the pattern.
As usual, Elizabeth found a few new items to buy.  Who can go to the quilt store without buying something?
Bedford turned out to be one of those small New England towns with the traditional white buildings, such as the imposing large town hall and a quaint library.  If you are ever in southern New Hampshire stop by The Quilt Patch in Bedford.

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