Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Rowing" to the Museum

On the way to the quilt museum last weekend, Sue and her friend Kathy did some Row By Row shop hopping.  We managed to stop at 4 shops before heading to the museum, unfortunately Sue forgot to take pictures at the first 3, so the pics are row patterns and license plates instead.  First stop was Oh Sew Persnickety, where Sue stopped in June, but Kathy had not been there and it was on the way, so a quick stop was in order.
From Haymarket we headed to Winchester to visit Scrappy Apple and then nearby Stephens City for Cloth Peddler.

Then we headed to Sew Classic Fabrics just south of Harrisonburg.  We had not been to this shop before and knew it was just off I81, so plugged the address into the GPS.  Upon reaching the address however, there was not a quilt shop in sight.  The driveway took us to the back side of a building with a large parking area, but still no sign of a quilt shop.  Turns out, the building was Shenandoah Heritage Market, and the shop was inside the market.  We didn't have time to explore much of the market, but there was a Hungry Farmer Cafe and at least one antique shop - definitely a place to go back to.  The quilt shop was worth the stop too.
The entrance to the market was over a covered bridge.
Above, the store front inside the market.
Their row and license plate are on display above the entrance.
There were old sewing machines on display.
Above is their row pattern, and 2015 & 2016 license plates.
This old wagon may be loosing its wheels but the flowers are happy!

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