Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Bridge of Flowers

After visiting A Notion to Quilt, Elizabeth decided she had time to go to Shelburne Falls to see The Bridge of Flowers, which had been the focus of rows from 2014 and 2015 by A Notion to Quilt.   Hearing and reading about it made it sound intriguing and she did not want to pass on the chance to see it herself. 
After a short drive from the shop, she was in the town of Shelburne Falls, MA, a typical small New England riverside town with many shops and cafes and little tucked in places of interest. 
Unfortunately, she was there on a Tuesday, which was a day that many of the art oriented stores were closed.  Maybe it was a good thing as she may not have been able to leave early enough to arrive at Lake Winnipesaukee before dark if she had so many great stores to visit.
On-street parking was available along the main street and the bridge was a short walk.  Crossing over the truss bridge you have a good view of the older trolley bridge, built in 1908 and abandoned in 1928 when the trolley stopped running.
In 1929 planting the bridge with flowers became a project of the Shelburne Falls Woman’s Club and has continued ever since.  You see lots of greenery from the truss bridge and have to actually get on the Bridge of Flowers to see that the well-loved and tended spot has plenty of color. 
A head gardener and assistants keep it in continuous bloom throughout the seasons.

Also of interest in Shelburne Falls are some glacial pot holes which are easily viewed where the falls have been rerouted and are a short 2 block walk from the bridge.

Also of interest is this notice of a Native American Fishing Treaty that preserves peaceful hunting and fishing within one days journey of the site.

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