Friday, July 15, 2016

Bald Eagles

For many summers Elizabeth and Sue have held our own creative quilt camp in New Hampshire on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.  This year we are not able to get together for our creative endeavors but thought we would still bring you a little taste of New Hampshire as we know many of you who follow us enjoy our quilt camp virtually.  

Nothing is quite as spectacular as seeing an endangered species return to the wild in large enough numbers to actually get to see them in person.  Bald Eagles have been making a comeback in the USA since they went under federal protection in 1940. 
New Hampshire has approximately 90 bald eagles as of a bird count in January of 2015. As Elizabeth and her neighbors were standing out in the lake cooling off on the 4th of July, two eagles landed on the shoreline.  One was a juvenile - identified by the mottled coloring of the feathers and the not yet white head and tail.  The other was a mature bird with all the plumage that makes us know with certainty that we are looking at the national symbol, the bald eagle.  We hope you enjoy these photos below which were taken by our neighbors, Joan and Neil Funcke.  (Photos above, PGFiber2Art)

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