Friday, March 4, 2016

Winter's Last Hurrah?

We got a dusting of snow over night that was lovely on the trees but not much on the grass and none on the roadways, and started melting quickly.
But it was enough for Sue to scrape off her deck railings and table to try a couple more pieces of snow dye.  After seeing Elizabeth's mandala results, she was inspired to try a few more herself.  So after consulting some folding tutorials, she went ahead with 2 pieces that were approximately 22 inches square.  One was folded and rolled, the other was folded and then banded.

The rolled piece was placed in a plastic cup.  A little bit of snow was placed on top first, then the powdered dye, then more snow to fill the cup.  The dye colors are elephant gray, watermelon, and turquoise.

The second piece was placed on screening over a pan, again with a small amount of snow, then the dye (baby blue, coral, and indigo) and more snow on top.  The snow was very wet, making it great for packing, but not so great for sprinkling a thin layer. 

We'll see tomorrow what the results are.